Fall Is Finally Here!

Hello and welcome to Kustom Krafts By Charlee's blog. Here I will share new items and items before they hit my shop. I will add DIY budget friendly videos, and talk about life in general. So fall has arrived my absolute favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect to sit on the porch with a hot cup of coffee and just take it all in and decompress. The pandemic has put everyone in sort of a funk around here so my escape is to my workshop to create custom pieces, high end dupes, and to just release the anxiety and anxiousness of life in general right now. I hope you my family, friends, and clients alike follow me on my crazy journey of life and this business. Don't be afraid to speak up and let me know your here! Leave a comment or tell me how your day was. I am here and I am not going anywhere.

On to the business, everyone always asks me are you Charlee? The answer is no I am not. My four year old daughter is Charlee she was named after my father who passed long before she was thought of. Believe ist or not before I had Charlee my first child I was not into crafting, decorating, or anything of the sort. My daughter is totally into it so therefore mom has to be as well right?? She introduced the arts and crafts into my home and before I knew it here I am running a business! I can hardly believe it myself sometimes. If you had asked me 10 years ago where do you see yourself in ten years? I would have never replied in the shoes I walk in today> My daughter changed my life for the better in sooo many ways. I was told my whole life I couldn't have children so she is truly my miracle. But enough about me for now onto the products I design. Most of my orders are custom orders from clients who just cant find what they are looking for in the big box stores, or they just want a one of a kind piece for their homes. I do any style of décor, and I will master exactly what they want me to achieve it may not be overnight, but I will make it happen. My workshop is where all the magic happens of course but I do have to travel outside these walls for inspiration sometimes. Whatever the case may be I am here to fulfil the look you are trying to achieve. I also do interior decorating locally as well as furniture restorations, and event décor. I wear many hats when it comes to this business but I Love every part of my passion and job. If it isn't a challenge then it isn't custom.

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